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Find all my articles here, Specially prepared for your easy reference

You will find most of my articles in my hidden treasures section. I know it is sometimes difficult to find the articles you may be searching. So I create this page for your convenience.

There are lots of things I am passionate about my island Penang and of course, I will first and foremost share most things I dearly loved.

Things like my Penang Old History, Penang Festivals, Penang Buildings and old architectures, not forgetting my Nyonya heritage and big time is my favorite food!

Usually most Penang Travels site focus on Penang Travel, Penang Hotels, Penang Vacation or interesting places to visit. But I prefer more value for you by giving you what, where, when, why, which and how to do all these in my island Penang, my hidden treasures.

So how does one find all this information or articles? The tabs to the left take you to the major subdivisions of the site. From there you can dig deeper to find articles on many subjects and happenings in Penang.

Even Hotel in Penang, or Penang Hotels Map, even air travel tips and travel safety. Penang holidays can get more enjoyable knowing the cheap or budget accommodations in our little island in Malaysia. Enjoy!My Hidden Treasures

Penang Hotels.

Penang Hotels.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

Hotels in Georgetown.

Hotels in Batu Ferringhi.

Hotels Further in Penang.

Hotels in Gurney Drive.

Eastern and Oriental Hotel.

Batu Ferringhi Hotels.

Tanjung Bungah Hotels.

Lone Pine Hotel.

Photos Lone Pine Hotel.

Hotel Penaga.


My Hidden Treasures
Penang Homestays.

Penang Cheap Hotel.

Balinese Homestay.

Chalet Sportfishing.

Good Hope Inn.

Photos Good Hope Inn.

Segara Ninda.

Teluk Bahang Homestay.

Penang Cooking Classes.

We recommend top dishes cook for our guest.

Know more about our classes.

My mentor's sucessful students.

Selections of cooking class.

Our sweet desserts using sticky rice or glutinious rice flour.

Home Cooking Classes.

Register with us.

Some of our guests.

Individual work station set up.

My first recipe book.

Fun Time in Penang.

Don't miss Teluk Bahang which is outside Georgetown.

See the beautiful Teluk Bahang Shorelines.

Fun time in Batu Ferringhi.

National Park in Teluk Bahang.

Japan Cultural Night.

My Hidden Treasures
Diving Course in Penang.

Selecting a course.

Any dives sport in Malaysia?

It is in Pulau Payar, Langkawi.

Diving Snorkeling

Diving Certification Courses

Read about us.

Simple people making the news.

Some news of us in blog or papers.

Get to know more about events in Penang.

Penang Info.

Write to us.

Updates on my website.

Ooop,no such url.

All articles can be found here.

Site Search

Seeing Penang from a local's eye.

Anti War Memorial.

Batu Ferringhi Beach.

More Jade Emperor Temple Photos.

Logan Memorial.

Penang Bat Temple.

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple.

Photos of Kuan Yin Temple.

Sights in Penang.

120 Armenian Street.

Air Itam.

Sam Poh Tong Footprint Temple.

Penang High Court.

Penang High Court Photos.

Penang Islamic Museum.

Photos Seven Sisters.

Photos St George Church.

Seven Sisters Shrine.

More photos of High Court.

My Hidden Treasures
Temple I frequent for worship.

Kepala Batas 9 Emperor Gods Temple.

Celebration a day before 9 Emperor God festival in Raja Uda.

1200 Steps Temple.

Raja Uda 9 Emperor God Temple.

Goddess Of Mercy.

Penang Jade Emperor Temple.

Sri Mariamman Temple Queen Street.

Photos of Snake Temple.

Teluk Bahang Indian Temple.

St Anne Church.

Jade Emperor Temple.

Penang Snake Temple.

Places of Worship.

St George Church.

Types of Food in Penang.

Some Chinese types of cooking.

Penang Food.

Different types of street foods.Anti Dadah

Home cooked food sold in Kopi Tiam or coffee shops.

Making Fruit Emzymes.

More Street Food photos.

Our friends food hunt.

Traditional snacks in Penang.

Peanut Cookies.

Kuih Bangkit.

Kuih Kapit.

Kuih Kodok.

Making Kuih Kapit.


Sweet Desserts.

Making Ti Kuih.

My Jam Tarts recipe.

Ti Kuih Dessert.

Ti Kuih.

Eurasian Food.

Eurasian Flavour.

Garlic Asparagus.

Herb Baked Potato.

Our Baked Beans.

Lina Jam Puff.

Making Jam Puff.

Vegetable Salad.

White Carrot Pickle.

Food Chandra loves to eat - Indian Food.

Indian Flavour.

Deep Fried Curry Chicken.

Mee Goreng.

Onion Pickle.

Food I love to eat - Malay Food

Malay Flavour.

Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak Photos.

Sambal Belachan.

Sambal Chicken.

My Hidden Treasures
My favorites -Best recommended Food to eat

Assam Laksa.

Fish Tumis.

Kerabu Pineapple.

Nyonya Food in Penang.

Nyonya Kerabu Sauce.

Nyonya Lor Bak.

Prawn Sambal.

Chinese Festivals.

Chinese New Year Cultural Show 2007.

Chingay in Penang.

Chinese New Year Drummers 2007.

Nyonya Chap Goh Meh.

Chap Goh Meh Nyonya Dancing.

Chinese 12 Animals Zodiac.

Prosperity Fruits and Symbols.

Chinese New Year.

Hokkien New Year Photos.

Hokkien New Year.

Hungry Ghost Festival in Sungai Bakap.

My Office Lion Dance.

Lion Dance Photos.

Nyonya Chap Goh Meh.

Penang Lion Dance.

Everyone Birthday Photos.

9 Emperors Gods Spirit Mediums.

9 Emperors Fire Walking and Street Procession.

9 Emperor Prayers Rituals.

Indian and Malay Festivals.

Aadi Month, Thaipusam and Wedding Shopping.

Chetty Pusam.

Teluk Bahang Temple Festival.

Patrick Thaipusam Story.

Some of our indian Festivals.

My Penang Thaipusam Videos.

Penang Thaipusam.

First Vel Ceremony in Penang.

Kavadis Photos.

Thaipusam Festivals Photos.

Vel Thaipusam Photos.

Our Ponggal Celebration.


Puasa Ramadan.My Hidden Treasures


Thaipusam Penang.

Penang Folkores.

Buddha Story.

Goddess Parvati's Vel.

Tales of Hanuman.

Jade Emperor.

Goddess of Mercy.

Ma Chor Poe.

Bok Lean saves Mother.

Mui Sin or Door Guardian.

Grandfather's Tale.

Three Pure Ones.

Kitchen God.

Xuan Wu.

Events in the family.

Chinese Coolies.

Family Circle.My Hidden Treasures

Indian Engagement, Uvaraani Engagement.

Indian Wedding Decorators, The wedding organizers and planners.

Wedding Tea Ceremony.

Burmese Temple Ancestor Worship.

My Thaipusam Story, Thinakaran pierce his tongue and cheek for Chandra health.

Nyonya Wedding.

Indian Wedding Rituals, Our mixed cultures.

Indian Wedding.

Malaysian Puberty Ceremony, Uvaraani Puberty Indian Ceremony.

Uvaraani Puberty Ceremony Photos.

Photos of Indian Engagement Uvaraani and Jivan Engagement.

Photos of Malaysian Indian EngagementYuvanes and Saravanam engagement.

Our Penang Pictures.

Kee Heritage.

Kee Forefathers Lineage.

Kee Ancestral Home.

Kee Family private cemetary Cheng Beng.

Kee Heritage from father's side.

Kee Cheng Beng.

Kee Lai Huat, the founder.

Kee Tek Phang.

Khaw Boo Aun, the Ghee Hin Leader.

Province Wellesley Taochiew.

Sungai Bakap.

Not in Penang

Beyond Penang.

Gua Kelam.

Taiping Charcoal Factory.

Cherun Tok Kun.

Exploring Singapore.

Kuala Muda Whispering Fisherman.



Penang Introduction

Penang Introduction.

Anti Dadah.

Malaysia Holidays.

Penang Hokkiens.

Penang Maps.

Penang Travels.

Privacy Policy.

Getting Around

Cycling to Penang.

Dean Bike Rental.

Getting Around.

Penang Facts.

Penang Free Shuttle.

Penang History.

Penang Money Changers.

Penang Weather.

Pinang Buses.

Pinang Cars.

Pinang History.

Getting Here

Getting Here.

Jom Pi Penang.

Penang Buses Schedules.

Traveling to My Island Penang.


Advertise.My Hidden Treasures

Penang Modern Home.

Penang Property Finder.

Penang Shopping.

Penang Times Square.

Penang Plaza.

Penang Prangin Mall.

Penang Gurney Plaza.

Penang Gurney Paragon.

Penang Straits Quay.

Penang Tesco Sri Pinang.

Penang Precinct 10.

Penang New World Park.

Penang First Avenue.

Penang Website.

Sukha Homes Design.



Lim Bian Yam.

Lim Hua Chiam.

Lim Mah Chye.

Lim Seng Hooi.

Sun Yat Sen, father of Modern China.


Candy Blowing, China Man brought his art to Penang.

Chinese Paper Cutting She makes our paper cutting seems so coarse.

Dough Figure Sculpturing The master of all Dough Figure was in Penang.

Photos Dough Sculptures More photos of his masterpieces, mostly all sold out.

Jewel of Muscat.

Les Chang Tribute, our photographer friend.

Penang Tramways.



UK Mobile.

Street Art.

Cool Iceland.

Travel Links

Asian travel Destinations.

Europe and America travel Destination.

Friendly Links.

Link Exchange.

Other Resources Links.

My Computer Guide.

My Cooking Favorites.

My Finances Guide.

My Beauty Guide.

World Wide Travel Destination.

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