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Anti Dadah

Say No to Drugs and guns

Anti Dadah or Anti Drug is a campaign we have implemented since the seventies in Penang and Malaysia.

Despite the growing awareness of anti dadah, youngster and working adults are secretly taking small portions of drugs, narcotics or the local shabu, thinking if they can controlled it, they are fine. It is not fine.

The law is stricter than ever now. It is a NO No in Penang or Malaysia. Please note that Malaysian laws carries the death penalty for drug trafficking.

Penang or Malaysia in general is a beautiful and pretty safe country to visit. So far, no political turmoil and no instability. However, the penalties for drug offenses are VERY, VERY severe in Malaysia. So, DO NOT get yourself involved with drugs.

Even if you desire to live like your favorite rock star and bring along a SMALL packet of coke, ecstasy, crack, cannabis, marijuana etc to enjoy later, you'll be jailed or worse still, sentenced to death.

Cabs showing Anti Drugs campaign in Penang

Anything more than 15 grams - and it's off to the Death Row! That also means recreational drugs are out too. Our laws can change as times goes, so better be aware not to have anything to do with it in Malaysia.

Again, my very good advice. DO NOT DO DADAH IN Penang or any part of Malaysia. Drugs are very easy to get here. If you go out at night, in some clubs some guys would offer you easily. My advice, do not do drugs here!

In your country, taking a little to go high is acceptable. So even when you are here and craves for it, do not do it.It is true you can get it cheap in Malaysia. Everything is cheap here, Girls, Dadah, plastic surgery. True?

If you are caught while the drugs are already in your body system, then you will be prohibited to enter Malaysia.

If you are caught while the drugs are still intact to your body, in your pockets, in your car, in your house etc (you get the idea), you will get the death penalty.

No arguement. You have been warned. The choice, as people like to say "Is Yours !".

Anti dadah signs are everywhere. it is publicly announced we are against drugs taking or trafficking is everywhere. I read this sign also in some night clubs, on taxis or cabs.

I guess if you saw these sign put up for the public, you must take it more seriously. PERIOD.

As no one can helped you so it is best just to abide by the law instead of seeing yourself get the death penalty.

Just do not try to be some big shot Miami drug dealer, you might want to forget about doing business in Malaysia as they carry a mandatory death sentence to anyone caught bringing drugs into their country.

Know our anti dadah campaign is ongoing in Malaysia. Get to know some Penang Facts while you are here. You will be a little more prepared with our culture.

Our monthly Penang events shows you some places where locals goes for the events or happenings in our beautiful Penang.

Or maybe our multi cultural festivals in towns nearby your accommodation.

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