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Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

Links to recipes cake dessert making, salsa, Mexican Italian cooking, garden herbs and vegetables

The Penang Cooking and Drinks Links, you will find lots of recipes, cooking and drinking links. Some of the best sites compiled here are my personal best referrals links when I cooked.

They may look squidy or zingy but hidden in this brilliant sites are real people writing from their hearts.

Eating, hmm hmm which is why, if you are in an unfamiliar Asian city, and suddenly struck by hunger at about lunch time and casting about for a place to eat, do not eat at a place where you see lots of white guys.

White guys are a sure sign that the food will be dull and indifferent (almost certainly meat and potatoes). Look instead for a place crawling with Asians and unmarred by pale faces. This is an unmistakable seal of approval.

Go in and get some kick ass or pull your sock experience! Penang Island, ourselves has its many fusion and influences of cooking like Nyonya, Thai, Burmese, Mamaks, Malay and Indian Cooking.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

The drinks we prepared are specially brewed with home made sun baked spices. With even what we have, sometimes, just sometimes we might want to taste a new type.

Western, European or Mediterranean recipes and dishes can be found in Penang cooking and drinks links beautiful pages. They are a feast to my eyes and I hope it wouldn't bust your seams.

By Country

Rockin Robins Cooking Mexican Recipes. Do enjoy a large collection of delicious Mexican recipes. Plenty of How-To Tips and Pictures.

You will feel as if you've been to a Mex cooking school with all of our Mexican recipes.

Traditional and non-traditional Italian recipes with a gourmet touch, plus ways you never imagined that can make your cooking life easier and more fun.

The secrets to Jamaican recipes revealed!

Learn Mediterranean diet recipes that you can actually cook wherever you live in the world. Explore the Catalan Mediterranean cuisine bursting with the creativity of dozens of talented chefs.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

Enjoy the many Italian recipes Chicago has to offer. This is a culinary adventure. An adventure of discovery. provides a wide selection from the best Spanish recipes.


A delicious source of chocolate candy, recipes, gift ideas, candy making tips, fundraising suggestions, and more to tempt you to indulge.

Cupcakes for everyone. Easy cook at home Cupcake Recipes and simple step by step cup cake decorating.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

Beginner to advanced level cake decorating. Simple to elaborate cake designs, recipes and instruction for wedding, birthday, baby shower cakes and more.

Our unique wedding cakes, ideas and supplies will help you choose the most elegant cake for you celebration.

Get pictures and Instructions for making over 150 different designs of birthday cakes and other cakes. This site will inspire you and show you how to make impressive birthday cakes.

Extensive collection of Grandma's easy dessert recipes including delicious ice cream, cake, pie, cookie, pudding, candy, soft drink, and holiday recipes.

Heavenly gourmet dessert sauces and ice cream sundae toppings


SBI! Order Page


Learn how to create your very own YUMMY and HEALTHY vegan recipes in minutes from scratch. Plus, discover everyday nutrition advice!

One family's experience of planting a vegetable garden. Learn how to prepare, plant and harvest safe, nutritious vegetables. Taste the good life - be healthier and more content.

Gardening is sublime. Growing your own vegetables in no dig gardens is organic, low maintenance and deeply satisfying.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

All about herbs, herbal use, and home gardens.

Making home remedies and herbal medicine has never been so easy! Free home remedies, herbal medicine making kits, simple herbal home study course, and more!

A compilation of easy salad recipes for people who want to know how to make a salad using simple ingredients.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

Magical Dining Experience. It's No Accident. In Great Salsa Recipes, I Can Show You How To Create Delicious Salsa Creations.

Quick, easy recipes for healthy eating, plus tips for feeding your family healthily.


An insider's guide to amazing green tea. This is the definitive site to visit with tons of great information on discovering your next great tea.

Best juicer reviews provides you with a lots of easy to follow information about juicers. We review popular brands, show you the health benefits of juicing and what you need to know about juice.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links

Juicing for health. Step-by-step guide to fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. Also feature types of fruits, their nutrition and health benefits, juicer reviews, juicer recipes for common ailments.

The best coffee makers? The best gourmet coffee beans? With so many choices out here, it's hard to tell. Unless you get the facts about coffee, and some commonsense advice, from the Coffee Detective.

Know all the benefits of honey. Its medicinal effects and health benefits. A unique energy booster and beauty ingredient. Learn great honey recipes like honey dips and honey baked hams.

How to choose the best coffee makers and machines for your coffee taste. Coffee grinders, roasters, cappuccino machines, espresso machines, milk frothier and more. What to consider when buying coffee makers for yourself or as a gift.

If you love beverages, then you may already be a snob. See why I think the world needs more snobs.Penang Cooking And Drinks Links


Delicious, quick, and easy breakfast and brunch recipes for quiches, breakfast casseroles, pancakes, waffles, crepes, coffee cakes, quick breads, muffins and French toast. Newsletter and blog.


Kids Cooking Activities helps your kids learn and grow up in the kitchen through our kids cooking lessons, food fact information, cooking party ideas, and many more recipes and ideas.

A complete range of homemade baby food recipes, from first foods to full meals. These homemade baby food recipes are simple and rewarding to make - become head chef for a very special little customer!

Easy kids recipes - kid cooking and recipes for the whole family.


Free barbecue grill recipes & meat smoker cooking ideas on gas, charcoal or electric. Outdoor bbq grilling tips, easy fire pit menus, healthy rotisserie suggestions, best homemade sauces.

Crock Pot Recipes for every occasion - home-cooked style crock pot cooking. Heaps of crock pot recipes all tried and tested by the author.

Donna has recipes that work; all are real restaurant recipes and favorite recipes from her restaurant. With these restaurant recipes you can cook with confidence and style. Try a recipe today!


Who else wants to learn how to cook soul food? It's easy with this collection of step by step soul food recipes. Prepare a meal for yourself and your family today.

What? You need a food idea for party plans? A variety of impressive but easy party recipes? Easy punch recipes, too? Who do you think we are, Great Party Recipes?

Your Smoker Cooking Information Source... Learn About Smoked Foods And Smoking Meat!

Look for the best in easy free recipes, healthy recipes, cooking tips, diet and healthy lifestyle information and great kitchen gift ideas.

Plan your own California Wine Tour with this guide to the California wineries, restaurants, and accommodations. Print free wine tasting coupons and winery maps for California wine regions.

Aren't this Penang Cooking and Drinks Links just plain great? I don't have to go looking for more as I go ga ga over the whole library of links.

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D Ferringhi Hotel and Restaurant

D Ferringhi Hotel and Restaurant is the most affordable. It is located with many eateries, night bazaar and shopping just outside the hotel.

Golden Sands Resorts

The Golden Sands Resort, Penang has been honored to receive recognition for our blend of Malaysian hospitality and contemporary luxury. The cream of all hotels, the Golden Sands Resort Penang comes highly recommended for your kids and YOU.

Hard Rock Hotel

Asia’s third Hard Rock Hotel will feature hip, contemporary design combined with exciting activities and energetic service that preserves the brand’s passion and irreverence.

Lone Pine Hotel

The restoration blended the old world charm with modern amenities much like the raffles in Singapore. There are two kinds of rooms - the regular rooms and the suites. The rooms have a 60's feel to them with teak wood furniture.