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Sunway Hotel, Georgetown

Each of Sunway's guest rooms and suites have been thoughtfully furnished for you to relax and work in comfort and style. Just below the hotel is New Lane where about more than 40 stalls of hawker food are available till late at night.

Grand Paradise Hotel, Macalister Road

Settle in along Jalan Macalister with a stay at the Grand Paradise Hotel. Here you will be close to the hurly-burly of Georgetown and the melting pot of cultures and the spectacle of daily activities therein, including the goings-on of spice-smitten visitors, shop-till-you-drop first timers and gnarling traffic.

TM Resort Tanjung Bungah

TM Resort Tanjung Bungah is situated between Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi, on the northern island of Penang, Malaysia. Just a stone's throw from the beach, this resort offers you the best of the beach but away from the cacophony of a typical tourist trap.

Mongo Tree Place

Mango Tree Place is a restored 75 year old townhouse in the heart of George Town, Penang. Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood, it is a luxuriously fashionable boutique suites located along the buffer zone of the Unesco living heritage enclave.