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Which Internet Tools can help your Website?

As you build your Penang website, you will need some internet website tools either to help you monitor your site or to generate some kind of income. But of course, there is no denying it is important to build good content pages.

It is extremely important not to copy and paste other web sites because you think there have good content. Like all SBIers', the 10 days course can be taken at your own pace.

What I love about SBI is that, I don't have to worry about Penang Website hosting as SBi takes care of all the website back end management needs. No worries about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Penang Website

All I do is write and talk about my beautiful Penang Website using keywords from trends from our powerful SBI tool. Search it.

Site Build It Penang Website Tools

In your library, all other SBI internet tools sits there waiting for you. Well, when you come to a time when you need to refer, all you have to do is refer your own library, not the outside buzz which comes through your mails.

Toolsworth over US5000 with this package
Valuable Link Exchange Real Simple Sindication SiteSell Blog Spamcheck Search It!


SBI! Action Guide Affiliate Signup Choose It

Continue your course, understand lesson 1 to 5 thoroughly before registering your domain. Once you started writing content pages, using many SBI tool, you will be like me, be so inspired and encourage to write.

Spare an hour or two to discover where Google Search is taking us now and in our near future. It is going to rock! Very exciting!Penang Website

Some free great downloads

Sign up for a gmail account and enjoyed a whole range of webmasters tools. Tools I find useful are:

  • Adsense, for monetization
  • Analytics
  • Create your own maps for your site
  • Webmaster tools
  • AlertsPenang Website

Quantcast is like Google Analytics but has great geographic, demographics. You even get to know where the traffic is coming from.

Try it, it is really fascinating to check out some of your favorite sites. Just type any site url on the "find profile" slot.

How much is your blog worth? Check out the value of your site. It roughly tells you how much your site or blog is worth in case, you thought of selling it.

But at certain times, it can show that your blog is worth nothing. Maybe it is the setting, just try it again later.

Mozilla Firefox has a new tab in their file icon which allows you to work with many of your favorite sites in all go.

Also for SBIer's, our software Brainstorm It runs well with Firefox. It is faster and safer to use.Penang Website

Penang Website Tools, Firefox Toolbar

Cubestat is another awesome tool I like. It shows you more details of your site, for example the ranking in Quancast, Alexa and compete rank.

It evens tell you how many pages and images are indexed. I think this is more accurate than technocratic though.

Penang Website Tools Searchsite

Alexa and Page Rank

Get to know the 500 top sites in the world. Check out your favorite site, their ranking in top 5 countries and their popularity and ranking in those countries.

Quirk, Search Status

A Brilliant extension for Firefox, developed specifically for the specialized needs of search engine marketers. It will appear at the right bottom of your Firefox toolbar and check the website as you browse. look out for keywords use and meta tags.

It is designed to help you learn even more about your site traffic and marketing initiatives. Learn more what it does for you here.


Use Netcraft to know your real ranking online. Type in the url of the site here. After that, work smarter. Do not be upset, remember there is more then 224,749,695 websites not counting blogs online.


We've found a site link checker that's second to none! This broken-link checker will scan your entire site and print out a report showing you ALL your failed hyper-links.

If you're using another link checker (like SBI!'s spybot), you know they find few problem links on your site. Try this free link checker now.

HTML Validator

Of all the tools, I considered the HTML validator the most useful. Most of us build website without knowing HTML, meaning writing codes and all. We use softwares available in our offices.

But what we need from now to work with is cleaning up your HTML codes that comes with softwares. Some codes simply slows down your pages, thereby your visitors will just click you away.

Of the few HTML Validator, my choice is CSE version. It is simple to understand. And you have a choice of using the free version or professional version.

Download the CSE HTML Validator here.

After trying out, you realize you are missing out not buying the std or professional version. This version clears more codes and syntax. You can use for free from here.

Validate Me!

You start to see your ranking improved after you cleared the mess you have. Just try it then you understand why I had sleepless nights reworking my site.

Hey Webmasters! - Make $$$

The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. Link to and earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website.

If the visitor decides to purchase within 10 days of their last visit from your website, you'll still earn commission on the sale!

You can link to from a selection of over hundreds of thousands poster and art print images as well as poster stores and mini stores.

They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit.

It's easy to sign-up, track your sales, and build links because the site generates all the HTML code for you. Read more about it today!

SBI! Order Page

Sharing knowledge is a joy

Well, I hope this helps you to bravely put a start to writing your passion, not having to worry what you have to learn. But of course, joining our SBI forum, you learn more tips and techniques how to tweak and improve your site.

SBI has one of the most alive and active forum. Check our forum with my best wishes. You can read and browse over the forums, username and password:

I dedicate this page to the people who sign up. I really never wanted to do this page but your questions are important to me. Addressing your concerns to important to me, guys.

I hope it covers what you have ask and stay away from the noise outside. Remember my experience going for live seminars, spending thousands of dollars for more then 5 years.

So just concentrate on finished the lesson and let's create a wonderful money making website. Don't forget to download the E-Books Dr Ken has given for free now.

Look forward to our future success Dr Sibert, Kevin and Kuan! God bless.

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Summit Hotel

The Summit Hotel is in the heart of Bukit Mertajam's and Central Seberang Perai's business districts. Kulim Hi Tech Park, Juru Industrial Park, Prai FTZ, and Bukit Minyak and Bukit Tengah Industrial Estates are in the vicinity.

Century Bay Service Suites

The hotel is situated in Georgetown, the capital of Penang, Malaysia. It stands opposite the Penang Exhibition Centre and is just five minutes away from Heritage Georgetown. It is also near the Penang International Airport, Free Trade Zone, Penang Bridge, 8-hole golf courses, popular tourist attractions, and shopping outlets.

Sunway Hotel

Strategically located in Bandar Seberang Jaya Town Centre at the intersection of the North-South and East -West highways, the Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya is conveniently accessible from the Penang International Airport.