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Photos Thaipusam Vel

An Indian Festive Event

The Photos Thaipusam Vel ceremony show you the activities carried out by the priest in the Temple.

It was held in Queen Street Sri Mariamman Temple in conjunction with Thaipusam. This is very symbolic to us as this is the first time it was held in Penang.

Two days before Thaipusam, the ceremony was performed by the priest of Sri Mariamman Temple in Queen Street. The Waterfall Temple committee was there to accompany it to the temple.

See some photos of the Vel ceremony in Sri Mariamman Temple and the welcoming entourage in Waterfall Temple. Interestingly, all the animals used as vehicles by these Vedic Gods were present to receive this festive ceremony.

This celebration was indeed one of its kind, unique and symbolic for the Hindus. The significant presence of the snakes, elephants, bulls which are the vehicles of Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga and Lord Ganesha, the pantheon Gods of the Hindus.

It seems like an evening of fun looking at the turn out. Kids taking their chance to pat the elephants and the bulls. The pythons were quickly handed back to its cage. No mishaps or mistreatment happen during the evening.

Preparing the Vel Spear in Sri Mariamman Temple Penang

Prayer in Sri Mariamman Temple Vel Ceremony

Handling over spear ceremony at Sri Mariamman Temple

The waterfall temple entourage welcoming the VEL

pythons are guards for the spear ceremony at waterfall temple penang

Temple entourage for the spear ceremony at waterfall temple penang

cows leading the way up the waterfall temple penang

elephant with spear making the first step up waterfall temple

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