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Penang Homecooking Class

Hands on experience revealed in our Penang Home cooking class

Penang Homecooking Class concentrates more on our local style of Penang and Malaysian style cooking.

With our mixed cultural heritage of Nyonyas, Chinese, Malays and Indians, we certainly have acquired a fair share of cooking styles.

But cooking and taste are very personal. More so in Penang Homecooking class as most of us got our own grandmother's age old kitchen tasted recipes.

You know it is really hard to test each other food so I prefer to say, we share our unique authentic cooking rather then test them.

I rather walk into a restaurant and savor the efforts cooks have been into the meals. I always enjoy my meals, whoever cooks, no worries.

My say

Penang Homecooking class with Gail and Emma

Combine with learning from many so called Gurus who called themselves Master, I respect and appreciate the most is Datuk Lim. He not only teaches me the finer points of cooking, he shares many many tips.

For booking, Call or, write to us here.

During my learning days at Datuk Lim's international school of Penang Homecooking Class in the 80's, that is where I met most of his established student. Read about them here.

Our Commitment to the Local Community

Homecooking with Ron and Sim

We customize each Penang home cooking class based on our clients' individual needs and vision. We want you to walk away from your class enthused about food and cooking. We want you to learn something new, and to say, "I can do this!"

We are committed to support our local farmers and suppliers. Well, the reason is simple, we know where to get the freshest food or local fruits. We see them growing in the plantation, farms or kampong.

And for seafood, we purchase the freshiest from wet market we know for our Penang home cooking class. So cooking with us is very educational as we even take to our wet market to learn more about our local food.

Types of Cooking Classes

Adelaide Lorne and Rose Klassen in Penang cooking class

Cooking Students can all participate in preparing the meal, and then everyone sits down to the table to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

These classes can be hands-on or demonstration classes, depending upon the size of the group.

Classes are tailored to the size, needs and budget of the group. All students will receive a recipe packet to take home from Penang Homecooking Class.

So far, we are the only Penang cooking class who does not demo cooking all the time. We give you a work place to cut and prepare the food item for your own cooking, on your own station at Penang home cooking class.

See Penang Homecooks set up work station here.

Dishes we share in Penang Home cooking class

BBee Bee Martinet in Penang home cooking class

Without a single doubt, I must tell you I love our Penang food. Top of my list is using lots of fresh herbs.Next I love Indian Food. And sharing with you how to paste good curry paste is important to me.

What about learning how to cooking Chinese soups good for winter warmer? Penang home cooking class believes, it correctly will really balance the ying and yang to promote good harmonious blood circulation in your body.

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