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Hawker Food Photos

Must Have Hawker Food in Penang

In Hawker Food Photos, these are some of my favorites on local specialties and traditional Malaysian food in Penang.Hawker Food Photos

Here I try to list out all our favorite Penang Street Food food but I know I won't be able to compile the whole list. There are far too much food to eat then the number of days in a year.

So I add the best few as the nose leads the heart or mind. Well, the nose cannot lead you to the Penang Street Food food photos or videos that I will be placing soon, so do come back often to see some great videos of our famous food.

The list is long, so I try to make it shorter for you, ya! Here are some of my favorite Penang Street Food.Hawker Food Photos

It is going to be a long list in hawker food photos, click on here for your favorites. Indulge all you love and inspired to cook with me here:

Butterworth Lor Mee

Lor Mee is a yellow noodle dish, served with prawns, half boiled egg and some shredded chicken. The specialty of this dish is the thick gluey gravy. Tapioca flour is used to maintain a starchy consistency.Hawker Food Photos

Ask for a spoonful of garlic and chilly sauce and go ga ga with this meal. I love a Pickle Ginger side dish to compliment the thick gravy noodle. Loh Mee is definately one of the most delicious Penang Street Food.

Penang Assam Laksa

This popular Spicy rice noodle is called Assam Laksa is not to be miss when you are in Penang. A hot and sour tamarind fish based gravy is topped with a variety of aromatic fresh herbs.

Gravy is simmered with many fresh herbs found in Malaysia. Lettuce, cucumber, pineapple and chilies strips are garnishes for this colorful dish. More...

Mamak Mee Goreng or Indian Fried Noodle

A yellow noodle is fried using specially prepared thick gravy of sweet potatoes and fresh tomatoes.

The taste is further enhanced with the addition of fried bean curd, boiled potatoes and cuttlefish. The aroma is intoxicating!

Honestly I love it with pickled chillies. A real treat for you. More... Hawker Food Photos

Penang Chee Cheong Fun

A simple dish of Steamed rice rolls is what we called Chee Cheong Fun in Penang. Drizzling it with aromatic shallot oil, sweet sauce (tee Cheow), shrimp paste (Hae Koe), gives it a characteristic pungency.

A sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds and for those liking it hotter, a spoonful of chilly sauce. I never unroll my Chee Cheong Fun. But my sister unroll, mixes all the sauces before she eats.

Penang Curry Mee

Curry Mee is a coconut cream (santan) based soupy dish. Braised bean spouts are first placed in the bowl, followed by braised yellow noodle.

The toppings are steamed prawns, half cooked cockles, bean curd puffs, cuttlefish with dashes of mint. However the chilly paste is specially prepared and cooked in lemon grass which taste very refreshing.

In Penang, we called it Curry Mee. We cannot understand why or how this dish is called Laksa in other parts of Malaysia.

Penang Fried or Char Koay Teow

Flat Rice Noodle stir fired in high heat is Penang Char Koay Teow. It is an art to see hawkers frying the noodle with bean sprouts, egg, prawns, Chinese sausage, cockles and chilies.

The sequence of placing ingredients seems an art. Most of them swear they did something to make the prawns crunchy.

A special request popular Penang specialty can cost you RM5 a plate if there is crab meat or "extras". I love mine with chives.

It smells extra good when it is served on a banana leaf. That's why Char Koay Teow is one of my favourite Penang Street Food.

Penang Fried Oyster

Succulently fried to the right texture neither dry nor soggy, and right flavor is what makes or kills this dish.

In a big flat griddle, using the correct amount of oil from an old hand, pouring enough watery tapioca starch batter before adding chives and a couple of eggs.

How they scramble the egg yolk and added a secret ingredient chai po (salted radish), that is an added value to us who are not worried about high cholesterol. So fried Oyster is food for the brave heart!

Penang Otak Otak

Otak Otak is found in many food cafes or hawker around Penang. But as it is Nyonya food, not many people make them anymore.

A few leaves of daun gado (wild vine), bits of golden snapper, mixes of fresh herbs or spices makes into a spicy fish custard makes you ask for more.

One can actually smell the goodness oozing out from the banana leaf. The Thai version is called "hor mok"

Come back for more. More will be added with maps and location of the few best Penag Street Food and beyond. You have some favorites? Let us have yours.

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