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Why exchange Link?

Link Exchange is designed to further advance your site to the world. You must have an interest to exchange links, that is why you are here and my island Penang is pleased you are interested.

There is no doubt for your web site to be successful, you need to exchange link or better still exchange deep links.

Exchanging link is pretty easy but you would want to link to great content site. You don't want to be penalize by the search engines to be link with link farms.

Link exchange with friendly links is usually done by emailing another website owner and ask to do a link exchange. A reciprocal link is a win win situation. And if there is a chance to exchange deep linking, so much the better.

Deep linking is, be a guest writer for another web site. If you get to know another site owner and both of you feels great about a relationship, it is really good to deep link.

Is Page Rank or Alexa Ranking Important?

For link exchange, it is recommended to exchange with site that has at least at par page rank or higher.

And one of the most important off-page criteria to link exchange is how many websites link to your site, or rather how many important websites link to your site.

At the same time, to check page rank I use Alexa. Firstly, I use it to check my own site. It shows you the percentage of global Internet users who visit this site, Alexa traffic rank based on a combined measure of page views and users (reach).

The number of unique pages viewed per user per day for this site. It is very useful in terms of visitors and countries searching or wanting to know you.

Download and have fun trying out your own site or your competitor site. It will guide you to more improvement and how to write from the different countries visitors point of view.

Don't forget, once we on are online, we are reaching global status. Writing with all locals ooh and ahhh is not so nice. I learned this and have long corrected some mistakes.

Alexa Rating and Page Ranking

Page Rank and Alexa Rating helps you to decide whether the web site is rich enough and for consideration to be added in your own site.

Using these tools, you know PR and Alexa ratings of every site you browse and make better decision when you are exchanging links or searching for contents.

If you are really serious in learning like me, from a dummy six months ago to learning so much after downloading Google tool bar for browsing and Alexa rating, I now place my site gradually moving up the internet ladder of success.

I feel so much joy when I see my site in Alexa. Still a lot to do but I am in the right direction, thanks to my mentor and guru, Dr Ken Evoy. Download this alexa rating on your toolbar and watch all site PR every time you browse the net.

Link Exchange with My Island Penang

Using our Logo on your site is another way to stay connected. Right click on the logo to download the image.

Logo for link Exchange My Island Penang

Relaxed in the sunshine and experience the hospitality, warmth, cultures of the our people. If cooking during the holidays an option? Come to us! So much more you can get insider tips to enjoy Penang! Warm and friendly island of Penang, now Unesco World Heritage Site for 2008.

Once you link to me, write to me telling more about your site concept or title, your url, where you place my reciprocal link, I would love to hear from you. Just add using the below form.

Nice knowing you. If you want to deep link, write to me we can exchange articles. Then fill up the form below and email to us. We will place our food reviews along with one to 3 signature dishes of your Restaurants for FREE!. Yup FREE!

You deserved the credits as we love your food. Send us some photos together with the name of the dishes. You also get to review my friendly links and read how link exchange works with some other countries are and you would like to visit.

Some friendly links sites are my personal best destination, some are reciprocal links as both site owners find it is great to be connected. You can find them here.

Some of the best Asian Travel Destinations

Some favored Europe and USA Travel Destinations

We have more Destinations here

Some of my friends have unique passion, be a hobby or an adventure. Find it here. Warmest regards and have fun discovering some countries or islands found in my friendly links.

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Summit Hotel

The Summit Hotel is in the heart of Bukit Mertajam's and Central Seberang Perai's business districts. Kulim Hi Tech Park, Juru Industrial Park, Prai FTZ, and Bukit Minyak and Bukit Tengah Industrial Estates are in the vicinity.

Century Bay Service Suites

The hotel is situated in Georgetown, the capital of Penang, Malaysia. It stands opposite the Penang Exhibition Centre and is just five minutes away from Heritage Georgetown. It is also near the Penang International Airport, Free Trade Zone, Penang Bridge, 8-hole golf courses, popular tourist attractions, and shopping outlets.

Sunway Hotel

Strategically located in Bandar Seberang Jaya Town Centre at the intersection of the North-South and East -West highways, the Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya is conveniently accessible from the Penang International Airport.