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Photos Penang High Court

The Majestic Court of Justice in Penang

Photos Penang High Court is such a beautiful building. We made so many pictures and we didn't want to keep them away from you.

Thus, we present here another selection of our photos Penang high or supreme Court photos. Please bear in mind the page, as it is, may load a little slow but I can promise, if you a little bit, it'll be rewarding.

Central of Penang High Court

Immates entrance to the Court House

White Colonial Doors at High Court

Original Doric and Ionic Columns in High Court

The ground floor of High Court Penang

New restored Jati stairways leading to 1st floor High Court

One of the many courts

Directions to High Courts

Central of Penang High Court

Witness Stand

Logan Memorial from the balcony

Court Room

Balcony facing Logan Memorial

Restored Stairway

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