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Penang Thaipusam Videos

Videos all on Thaipusam events, get it here

Snippets of Penang Thaipusam Videos are taken by me. My first try taking videos. Some good video were taken, some I got too excited and moved too fast. But overall the good experience gives me memories as I watch it over and over again.

Since I have many experiences and photos file, I thought I might as well take some festival videos. But it is still better if youwere to witness it with your own eyes. Most tourist went home mystified or enriched by this experience.

Thaipusam is a three days festivals and it has become our main tourist attraction for the state of Penang. The hive of activity during Thaipusam cannot be explained by just one individual as each of us experience it differently.

As an observer, we enjoyed the fun that was displayed. We thought why they have to go through such pain and bodily harm for God. Some tourist even cried when they see such act of penance.

Thaipusam Spikey Sandals

But if you were here for the three days, then you have not miss out anything. Many of your questions I am sure will make you awe inspired and memorial for you.

If you have watch some video snippets I managed to take, it might make you understand our way of life. I hope you enjoyed these Penang Thaipusam Videos as much as I have.

Light of the Thaipusam festival

The first light is a special time for the staunch Hindus. Early on the eve of Thaipusam, the crowd to catch the first light offering by the Hindu trustee to symbolic to those attending the three days of Thaipusam.

A good start with a session of Lord Muruga light is all they come for this early morning. Catch it at the end of this Penang Thaipusam Videos.

Chetty Pusam

The eve of Thaipusam is what we called Chetty Pusam. The Hindus traders and merchants did their part to pay homage to Lord Muruga by carrying peacock kavadis.

As the Lord makes its yearly journey to his never to happen marriage to his consort, peacock kavadis by the merchant and professionals balanced up the eve of Thaipusam.

Quite a few spectacular events happened and the significant is too great to miss.

Accompanying the procession, you will find musician blowing trumpets with Indian drummer beating loud blasting drumming all the way till the late evening. Not forgetting the devotional singers who encouraged and sang all the way.

Leading the procession is the flags of the Lord. See the Penang Thaipusam Videos on this.

Coconut Breaking Affair

Catch this event for the whole day. It only happen on the eve and last day of Thaipusam.

As you follow the Chariot procession, you see piles of coconuts. Water from the coconut breaking is used to clean the road in preparation for Lord Muruga chariot to pass.

Other then that, see the panthals and food stalls. Coconuts water is the purest and cleanest water according to the Hindus. The streets and roads must be cleanse before Lord Muruga passed.

It is also a time to show sincerity and purity of one heart as wishes have been granted. See the Penang Thaipusam Videos on this.

Lion Dance on Thaipusam?

Every year we seem to see something different. Lion Dance welcoming the silver chariot as it reached the final leg of the journey has never been done. But this speak out loud of our multi cultural acceptance.

It was a pleasing sight to watch the Lion greeting Lord Muruga. But really Chinese participation in Hindu religious events is never surprising. Last year too, we had something different, A Vel ceremony.

Snakes, elephants and bulls charmed the ceremony as the elephants accompanied the Vel up to the Waterfall Temple.

Evening Walk up Waterfall Temple

I always love this walk in the evening. Very spiritual and one can be charitable same time. In the past, beggars sat on both side of the path up the Waterfall Temple.

This time, I think it is a brilliant idea to place them only on the exit path. So scream and shouts as spirit manifestation occurred can on seen quite often.

Remember the milk devotees carried?

Well, on the way, the temple committee even showed a live televised screen what they do with the milk that was carried up. I feel so inspired seeing the showering of Lord Muruga.

Thinakaran Thaipusam Experience

My son decide to repay Lord Muruga for answering his prayers. A skewer in the mouth and forehead with a ever silvered pot of milk on his head, he make the journey with the family members.

Watch him being skewered on this Penang Thaipusam Videos. Read my personal experience when I heard the calling.

Kavadi Hooking, Piercing and Skewering Hour

At Lorong Kulit Temple is where many kavadi bearers start their journey. They first had to be showered, go through rites and rituals for hooking, piercing and skewering.

The atmosphere is one of solemn yet excitement. So much to see, different types of penances performers. See more pictures here.

Guarding the Thaipusam Troop

For a moment, the whole crowd make way for this entourage. A ten men hold barred the whole road as the whole community walked together all the way to the Waterfall Temple. Watch this Penang Thaipusam Videos.

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