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Photos Kavadi Ceremony

A photo kavadi ceremony Review

Photos Kavadi Ceremony, The prayer ceremony were taken on the second day at Lorong Kulit Temple. That is where most skewering, hooks are performed by experienced personnel.

For Sanjif's case, his face was not left out. This would be his second year Sanjif was fulfilling his vows. There were a few things to do before they skewered their body. Photos will tell you more.

Without a doubt, prayers must be conducted. And blessing from family members are important to those Kavadi carriers. As Sanjif has invited us to witness him fulfilling his vows, we stood by watching with concern.

Hundreds were near the temple location to perform this kavadi ceremony. So in this page, I compiled a collection of photos of Sanjif, first of all, my brave nephew.

Also to pull a huge chariot, it needs the might's of at least four men. See them being skewered by big hooks.

This groups has to be at least twenty people helping them out. Helping with the traffic, steering the crowd from touching or pressing to the kavadi carriers.

Collective efforts of friends and family members that day was admirable. I could feel the positive vibrations generating throughout the festive celebrations of Thaipusam.

Then as I was coming down from the Waterfall Temple, I saw Andrew, resting after having his skewers removed. I have earlier seen him is Lorong Kulit temple.

This year seems special, as I also see youths volunteering their time, carrying the less able, old and aged up the slopes to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

Sanjif's performing the Kavadi Ceremony

Prayers before skewering Sanjif on Thaipusam Penang

Getting blessing from families before skewering Thaipusam Penang

Musicians encouragement during skewering Thaipusam Penang

Begins skewering on Sanjif body Thapusam Penang

Sanjif almost skewered body during Thaipusam Penang

Families member beside Sanjif in Thaipusam Penang

Skewered through Sanjif tongue in Thaipusam Penang

Sanjif ready to fulfill his vows in Thaipusam Penang

A group of four, dragging a chariot

skewers hooks and rope for skewering Thaipusam Penang

Lying down to skewer the back to pull chariot Thaipusam Penang

Being held down for skewring thaipusam penang

Front of skewered body in thaipusam penang

back of skewered body in thaipusam penang

the chariot for pulling by 4 skewered men in thaipusam penang

Andrew Lee - Before and After the Penance

andrew skewering for thaipusam penang

andrew after hooks off in thaipusam penang

Waterfall Temple Scene

indian taking off his hooks after thaipusam penang

entrance of waterfall temple during thaipusam penang

exit of waterfall temple during thaipusam penang

young boys chanting mantras during thaipusam penang2

volunteers carrying the aged and sick up the waterfall temple during thaipusam penang

chinese mediums blessing the devotee during thaipusam penang

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