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Penang Homecooking Class

Hands on experience revealed in our Penang Home cooking class

Penang HomeCookingClass Registration was started after many months of encouragement from friends, relatives and lastly Datuk Lim. Home cooking creates an opportunity to learn how to prepare authentic local cuisine from an experienced instructor with hands-on cooking experience.

There is no need to worry whether you can cook or not. There are three types of classes, the beginners, gourmet and series.

Usually I will demonstrate how to prepare the first dish, giving you an opportunity to blend it slowly.

Penang Home Cooking Registration, Tom and Naomi enjoying Nyonya Food in Red Chopstick
Gordon Ramsay crew Tom and Naomi enjoying Nyonya food in Red Chopsticks

And before I complete cooking the first dish, they student are ready to take over. So beginning the second dish is then followed without much worry. All worries are gone as we share some local tips and secrets, pitfalls to cooking.

Look at the schedule at Penang Home Cooking Registration as I am now teaching in Tropical Spice Garden cooking school on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the mornings. You get to cook 2 dishes and it makes it real affordable.

Day Time Location
Sunday Open At my home called Shanta Niketan, Pulau Tikus
Monday Open At my home called Shanta Niketan, Pulau Tikus
Tuesday 8am till 2pm Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School - Nyonya Cooking
Open At my home called Shanta Niketan, Pulau Tikus
Wednesday Afternoon 2pm - 5pm At my home called Shanta Niketan, Pulau tikus
Thursday 8am till 2pm Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School - Nyonya Cooking
Friday Open  
Friday 2pm - 5pm  At my home called Shanta Niketan -Thermo mix Workshop
Saturday 8am till 2pm Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School - South Indian Cooking

Other days, I teach in my own home at Shanta Niketan. For adventurous guest wanting more then 2 dishes, register here for cooking in my home. See our location and set up here.

Sometimes they overworked me as their urgency is greater, coming very far away and making sure no minutes or hours are wasted.

See some of them here, luckily they arm themselves with camera. Some missed out alot as Chandra is sometimes away. Chandra, my husband is my sous chef, driver to my guest. So if you see an Indian man coming to fetch you, you know he is Chandra,ya!

What we offer?

Penang Home Cooking Registration, Holiday couple Ian and Lillian
Holiday couple from Cairns, Ian and Lillian Efrat


Created to meet the participants' needs and skill levels, classes are held in our home kitchen in Penang or over at Butterworth. We offer a wide variety of Penang and Malaysian cuisines and recipes.

Packages for two to 10 students, each class prepares four to six dishes giving everyone hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn new skills.Penang HomeCookingClass Re


Participants needs and skill levels

Here, you have to tell us your needs. A beginner is one who wants to start with the basic foundation that is what herbs and spice can be combined for vegetable, fish, chicken or meat curries. Modern cooking tools like blenders help you to make your job so much easier. We will share the basics of meat and poultry cutting.

Penang Home Cooking Registration, Prague Peter and Tenlee
Prague Peter and Tenlee

A gourmet is one that plainly loves the challenge to cook cuisines and some secret recipes. Penang HomeCookingClass Registration

Someone who wants to add more culinary adventures in their holiday here in Penang. Penang HomeCookingClass Registration

Like it or not, Penang cooking is unique and very flavorful. It does adds more value to your cooking skills to know about Penang local dishes and cuisines.

Duration of Penang Cooking Class

Classes are 3 to 4 hours for 3 or 4 dishes. It includes food preparation, cooking and dining. Classes commences in the morning at 10am and ends after lunch. Evening classes are available by arrangement.

Penang Home Cooking Registration, USA Marn Yee, Gary, Ally and Matt
USA Marn Yee, Gary, Matt and Ally tasting Nyonya Mixed Veg Curry


Standard cost is based per person approx RM250 for 3 dishes. We accept Western union, Local cheque or Pay Pal, this payment is inclusive of all cooking ingredients.

Nyonya Cooking 1 - Some Party Food

See some dishes and photos here.

Nyonya Cooking 2 - Desserts and Local Kuehs or Cakes

Knowing how to cook Nyonya food may be good enough. But it makes you more rounded if you dare to bake or steam the kueh muih.



HomeCookingClass Registration

Anandi in Penang Homecooking
Anandi cooking in Penang

Penang Home Cooking Registration, Fiona in Penang homecooking classes
Singapore Fiona Cooking in Penang

Nyonya Cooking 3 - Traditional Festivals Cooking

You can even surprised your mother in law with some everlasting Traditional Nyonya festivals dishes. Some beginners who learned much earlier told me the dishes they took home were tested by their mothers in law. I hope not to let you down but instead you will be the center of talk of the elders now.Penang HomeCookingClass Registration

So far, we are the only Penang cooking class who does not demo cooking. We give you a place to cut and prepare the food item for your own cooking, on your own cooking station. See Penang Homecooks cooking set up work station here

How to register?

Vanesia completed Nyonya1 8 weeks course
Vanesia diligently completed Nyonya 1 (8 weeks classes)


Comfortable all who have come to learn with us prefers the 3 dishes package. For RM250 per person or RM600 per couple, you get to cut, cook and eat to your hearts content.Penang Home Cooking Class Registration

But having said that, we also have very excited cooking food lovers who challenge themselves to cook 6 dishes which include preparing desserts and drinks. Penang HomeCookingClass Registration

I have guest eating their lunch then packing back to the hotel to have dinner later. So I leave you to think whether they are happy with the food. You tell me,ya!Penang HomeCookingClass Registration

Some surprises in the pipeline

Watch out for Keam Chang, Nyonya Chang and Kee Chang. Or another is Moon cake if I can photograph and recipe them in time. If not, there is always next year.

Busily and heavily preparing Tuesday classes, guess what....Nasi Kandar classes. Check more often to find out when we are commencing.

Penang Homecooks in Little Penang
Look for us every month in Little Penang cooking Malaysian food

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