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Discover Shopping through Mutual Marketing

Ecosway unique concept that gives mutual advantage to all participants shopping in beautiful Penang and world wide, global marketers.

E-cosway Shoppers win with great products and exciting shopper rewards. Suppliers win with loyal customers. Individuals win as Business Owners who use their spare time to create an ongoing stream of income and achieve financial freedom.

Ecosway Shopping, a win win offer!

Everyone is pleased to buy cheap and high quality products, and is prepared to introduce those goods. Through recommending the products to others, you can get real money in return in addition to the invisible friendship and gratitude, then a stronger introducing effort is created; The stronger the effort, the more consumers you will have. This will bring the shopkeeper larger market and more profit; As profit increased, it is bound to a larger share of money. As the circle goes, it creates the biggest triple benefit. This kind of business model is called mutual benefit marketing

Let me share a scenario with you.

In the shopping mall, you notice a famous brand of skincare product selling at RM30, which is originally priced at RM70. You must want to buy it and tell your friend Catherine immediately.

In a Canon Camera shop lying in front of the Penang Gurney Drive, you find a nice digital camera originally offered at RM2000, now it offers a special price of RM1200, you must want to buy it too, and be pleased to tell your friend Ben.

Why will you do that? Isn't that a normal reaction from all of us? Just because Catherine and Ben are your good friends? Not exactly, the main reason is the good price and quality.

In the course of introducing products to others, what you get with Catherine and Ben is “ cheapness“ and “ friendship“; What the shopkeeper get is “profit“, a triple benefit and everyone is pleased. This is the common mutual benefit as known.

Now, an earnest shopkeeper stocks in large quantity of products in order to maintain the standard of good price and quality. He find out a much better mutual benefit mode. He can make money from Catherine and Ben because of your help, so he is willing to share the profit with you.

In the future, you can have discount in the shop when you pay, if you introduce Catherine and Ben to buy, you can share the profit and earn money. Of course, Catherine and Ben can also introduce their friends Daud and Suppiah to come, and they can make money too if Daud and Suppiah buy;

What's more, Daud and Suppiah's expenditure is indirectly due to your help, so you can still make a profit ! According to the same logic, an unlimited extension occurred.

Malaysian Ecosway X567331

What can we offer to webmasters, website owners and internet marketers?

Now this is only the first step. Do you want more? Online in Penang shopping, we now take this business to a much higher level. Owning online shops, extending it to the internet marketers, real people making serious money, webmasters or web site owners like me, won't you like that? Watch the video now.

Now if you have website like me, you know how difficult it is to be an affiliate. The business owners or affiliate programs offers you a meager commission from 4% to 10 %.

Those kind of online business, I won't even recommend to my Baba dan Nyonya relatives let alone you. What this can offer is the above scenario, to all who are seriously looking for an online shop to offer real cash, offers, purchase over purchase offers, amazing auctions and redemption rewards to their visitor.

What are your benefits?

BOSS is a revolutionary way for you to own your own business, be your own boss, and create a lucrative stream of income that you can ultimately pass on to your heirs. It is your own shop and you can even order and have it send to you. Now it is so easy for you to own a shop, so why shop in other shops? Save your money, spent your money in Penang Shopping, the smartest way now!

Some of you love the auction, it has it all here for amazing only US1!

It comes with a full Business Ownership Support System friendly enough for your online business. You can participate without jeopardizing your current other business commissions!

So if you want more information on how Penang Shopping, does it the BOSS way, and why the auctions are snapped up within hours click here.

Last but not least, be own your BOSS! I invite to be my guest with my id : X567331

Ecosway for us, extra-ordinary people!

eCosway is for the ordinary people wanting an online business. Having a credit card is now a way of life. Have card can travel, seems to be the message advertise by the major companies. So it is a win win situation for us as we can benefit too when our friends uses credit card and churn every cent to ours and theirs profit!. So how about owning a shopping mall!

The easiest and "must do" way to make a nice income is from expenses of credit card. All expenses and charges can be counted as your eCosway sale. Imagine this, whenever you or someone in your network pays a telephone or electricity bill, do some Ecosway shopping, go foryour meals, traveling or what else? ANYWHERE in the world, you can be earning money from it - because you will be awarded eCosway Sales Volume or "eVolume" (eV)

And when you shop at eCosway Partner Merchants or participate in selected affiliate programs using the eCosway co-Branded Bank Card, (eV) will be even higher because you'll get eV from the merchant or program for the sale AND from the bank on the card spending.

Do check the listing of Partner Merchants in your area, and some commission rates offered can be very interesting.

Well, still not sure, talk to Patrick, the man who works from home and holidays and traveling just doing eCosway. His insiders tips is what keep you well informed, be exposed to his many ways of maximized profits with your eVs and VP and all that eCosway offers to its shoppers and business owners.

Don't wait anymore, Use this form here.

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