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Ecosway Shopper

Great rewards are waiting for you as a shopper

Become an Ecosway shopper is so much more exciting. I find it so cool when Felicia invited me to shop in her online shop.

Well as Felicia wanted to advertise her shopping mall for my visitor, it is best I shop too.

It was pretty easy, as I type in the id she gave me, went through all the products from what you need to stay healthy, weight loss, for your homes and vehicles. I tried some products at the Super Selection page. Being the season of X'mas, I got some gifts for my loves one and it seems I got more gifts out from the money I spent. I now understand what it means "Value for your money". I heard it so often but never felt it is so.

Ecosway Malaysia X567331

In the main shopping mall, there are massive products, now I must take my time to discover.

Hooray no more nagging from Chandra for not replenishing household items. ooh boy, what a find!

As I do my window shopping (ahem) one good thing I saw in this online shopping mall is all products are tagged. You get a chance to read the info, then there is a little word in red showing eV, mmm I was wondering what it was.

So I browse on my left navigation buttons and refer to the shopping guide and shipping info wanting to find out whether they would send to any part of the world.

It is a very detailed page telling you about how the Super Selection and Supplier Selection product come form and what percentage cut was offered to us. Check this out, the freight charges is subsidized by Ecosway.

And that is not all, every purchase you made you get shoppers rewards like Value Point. Which can be used in their exclusive values mall and also use it to bid on items in the Amazing One Dollar Auction. Isn't that great?

Plus, You can get fantastic freight savings when you buy more than one Super Selection item for two reasons.

First of all, the items can be shipped together from our parent company’s warehouse, so the total freight charge is less than if the items were sent separately.

Second, you are still entitled to the freight subsidy we give on each item so the combined subsidy can dramatically reduce your overall shipping cost. For example, is a certain product has a $3 subsidy and you bought three of them, we would deduct $9 from the actual freight charge which might have been only $11.00 to start with.

In this case, you would end up paying just $2 for the freight! Any Super Selection Items (except the Hexagon) can be combined to achieve this type of freight savings. The Hexagon has its own very generous freight subsidy and shipping is free to many countries. Click here for Hexagon shipping details.

It seems a good deal to be her guest Ecosway shopper. I now understand why Felicia tells me it is not networking marketing or Multi Level Marketing but Mutual marketing. I was so glad she did not ask me to attend any seminars like some MLM did. Not that Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is no good, it is the country biggest earner as most people now choose to work from home.

Shopping in Ecosway Malaysia makes me feel so proud that we are one of the top few very successful company going global. Ecosway Malaysia is expanding very fast these few years.

Australia was the latest country in September 2007 that Ecosway Malaysia has expanded too. In 2008, Ecosway Malaysia opens in India. Well, if you have friends in the countries Ecosway has, you too can take your business further, sign up to be a business owner here. Why just be an Ecosway shopper when the business, is a life changing experience.And if you are a supplier wanting to expand your business, look up here.

Want to know more about Ecosway Malaysia first? No worries, check them out

The FAQ does answer lots of question you have, do go and read about it. Get your friend to be a Ecosway shopper too, use the id:X567331. Ecosway shopper's benefit is not the same as being a business owner.

Well, it makes me smarter too now to understand building website opens up new boundaries for me to explore.

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