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This Award is created for my fellow bloggers, website owners and most of all ordinary people trying hard to write and blog.

This Award is given from my heart. So you ask me why I think it is important? It is because after at least 10 years from just browsing the net reading and ogling (still doing it) at website, I gathered my nerve to own a web site and write blog for 2 years. Still it did not make me a more outgoing person. I am still a non talker but in here, I now write or talk too much.

My Islang Penang Blog Award
Malaysian Blog Badge

It takes people like you, honest voices from the community, technology experts and artists all coming together like the pieces of a puzzle. It was created to bring all members of this community together. And to let them know that what they write, someone do read.

I was really inspired by some work from home mums and dads and how they make it.Some ideas are open and friendly so I want them to be recognized for their efforts. I can feel the excitement and effort they have put in through the many hours of sleepless nights.

Well, without the help of you bloggers and web masters I would not have make it. Within one year of serious writing. My web site is at the top 3% mark. Don't ask me how much money I made because it was not about money making online. It is about knowing you can do it online. With no real IT or html or whatever knowledge, but just the passion and the drive.

At the encouragement of a good friend, I added a few things and I started to see real money coming in last year.

Wish List

I have to cut the story short and get into telling you about the award I am giving to you. Will it become something big or not, it is up to us. But I do have a wish list this year, and that is organizing a meet next year if ever this award gets popular.

I am not, and still will not claim that I am a great web master nor a great photographer but I give this award because you inspire me to write. You encourage me and it is awesome for a half century old lady like me.

Malaysian Blog Award
Malaysian Blog Badge

So basically what I look for when visiting sites is this - Are you serious that you do your best? Also, are you having fun and enjoying creating websites or writing blogs?

Who can be nominated?

  • Anyone who writes about Malaysia and own a personal website or a blog.
  • Malaysian but presently residing elsewhere, and maintaining 80% content about Malaysia on your websites or blog.
  • Any foreigner who has more than 80% content about Malaysia on their website or blog.
  • Personal Travel, food, heritage, arts, crafts, hobbies, work from home and small personal advertising.
  • So long it is a constructive blog or website with no political agenda, you are fine.
  • It should not be a blog that belongs to a publishing or media groups.

How to get this award?

There are 3 ways you can get this Award.

  • First way, You may be reading this Award though browsing for information. There are many great and awesome informative blogs and websites which I may have missed. Do claim this award.
  • Do read the simple rules of nomination and if you are any of the above, you automatically qualify for the award!
  • Just copy and paste the HTML in the box below onto your website or blog.
  • Do write a post in your blog about this award and bloggers meet event next year.
  • Once you have done that, do write me a short note with the information you placed this award on your blog or site to me. This will validate you for the contest nomination.

  • Second way, you can in turn nominate others.
  • What you do is write an email congratulating them they have been nominated for this Award.
  • If they accepted your nominations, they will then follow the above instruction 3 and 4.
  • In 5, they have to use this form here to share with me who nominated them. Do not forget to pen down the URL which voted you. You are allowed to place the nominated badge on many of your own blogs or sites so long they qualify the above.
  • You too must write to me if you have nominated others for me to double check the information.

  • Third way and my way, I come to you.
  • I sent you a mail telling you of this nomination, good or no good?

  • If they accepted your nominations, they will then follow the above instruction 3 and 4.

  • In 5, they have to use this form here to share with me they have accepted, copy and paste the badge.

  • When I received the mails, I will then go to the blogs or website to check.

  • My administration office will keep all these information which I will post here.

Malaysian Blog Award

How to vote for your favorite blog or website?

  • To vote, you need to own a blog that has at least 10 posts.
  • However, if you are a non blogger, you can still vote.
  • You must visit the blog or website and click onto the award badge there. You will come to this page. Just fill up the details required in the form below. (For non blogger, you may leave out your website URL ). One email can vote for only 1 blog or website.
  • If the same email address is found to vote again, we will only take the first vote.
  • These rules may improve as we go along and if there is a need.
  • This countdown starts January and ends 31st December 2009.
  • Results will be announced in my site in January 2010.


I get the validation from my administration office here. On a monthly basis, we calculate the number of visits who clicked on your site award.

Malaysian Blog Award
Website and blog daily visit at My Island Penang

Bloggers Meet

Let us experience the power of the internet and be thrilled here in Malaysia! Let's appreciate our effort in making this a reality. And I feel so privileged to lead this Malaysian Weblog Award!

Support me by accepting this award if you are nominated and please spread the word around for all to enjoy. Let us be equivalent to the bloggies, the Weblog Award or BOBs (Best of the blogs) in Malaysia!

A zillion thanks to everyone for helping me succeed so far! Another milestone has just started. Yes we can! This is my island Penang way of giving back to you. yes..yes yes.. we CAN!!!


Looks like there may be 2 main prizes. Websites or blogs with most votes. Blogger who spent time browsing and nominate others. So if you nominate someone, make sure you include your details! in am email to me.

So really this award goes a long way. Your browser may not support display of this image. Ordinary people like you and me doing things the right way, for the people by the people. Who said that? I have forgotten. ::))

Prizes ? How many? For sure there are 2 and depending on how popular the response is, multiple prizes and categories will be decided at a later date. Stay Tuned!

Voters, vote now!

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