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Penang News, Issue #004 - Newsletter for Penang Tours, Car Rentals, Food, Budget Hotels is all here
May 08, 2008

I am really late for my April newsletter. I wonder how the hours and minutes flies. Are my fingers getting slow? Am I getting old?

Of course not! Just having lots of fun. Still young enough to drive around, snapping like some real professionals. You know Penang people are really nice people. They made way for you when you want to snap photos. That is why I did get some good shots. So just a slight note to be patient in Penang with all this massive jams and have fun. Look at the great heritage site.

Some latest news in Penang happening.

Rapid Penang buses at back in service at the Komtar bus interchange after 1 week of discussion.

Komtar is in the heart of Georgetown with roads leading to Penang Road, Magazine Road and many hotels stood alongside each other near this stretch. And the constant digging to unveil the trams line of the good colonial days brings back fond memories. But the traffic jams around Penang Road, Campbell Street is massive.

If you can't see three photos of Lotus Root Soup, your mails could have been blocked, please unblock to enjoy the recipes and photos.

Now what do I have in this newsletter? :

  • Business Travel Tips

  • Monthly Penang Events

  • Site seeing in Georgetown

  • Multi cultural Wedding of Jivan and Uvaraani

  • Dough Figure Sculpturing

  • Teluk Bahang Tours

  • Car Rentals in Airport

  • Segara Ninda

  • Diving in Pulau Payar

  • Advertisement

  • Timeshare

  • Lotus Root Soup Recipes

Enjoy reading, ya!


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Business Travel Tips

The traveling bugs have attack Malaysia with Malaysia Air Lines and Air Asia competing with each other tooth for tooth. If you fly within Malaysia, it is almost zero cost except for Airport Taxes. Better booked as it is usually snap up within 24 hrs! Over 10,000 seats, half is gone as I write.

So here are some travel tips for small business travelers:

Even those working in small businesses are finding that they need to travel more frequently these; this is despite advances in information technology and communication. This is putting an increasing strain on business travelers who often become stressed and fatigued at the constant need to be in another part of the world. Hopefully the following business travel tips will help you make the most of your travel time, and perhaps even enjoy the trip along the way.

When baggage goes missing it is irritating to say the least but for someone on a business trip it can be a whole lot more disastrous. The answer to this is to ensure you have everything you need in your hand luggage.

This type of forward thinking means that you will not be caught out nor will you have a wasted trip. Regular travelers know that the main business travel tip when packing is to keep things simple by only including exactly what you need for the journey and that way you won't go far wrong if luggage goes missing.

In order to accomplish this, make do with a pair of casual shoes and a pair of business shoes only, and be sure to only bring enough work clothes to last you through the trip. The remaining items to pack will be toilet essentials and any other work related documents that aren't important.

A clever business travel tip, to reduce the size of bag you require, is too roll your clothes up instead of folding them; apart for taking up less space they are not so creased when they are unpacked. The last thing you want on a business trip is having clothes laundered because something was spilt on them, this can easily be avoided by wearing dark clothes which are able to absorb stains more easily.

If you are delayed for any reason then knowing you can freshen up prior to the meeting without the need for a shower can be a lifesaver, this is where those travel wipes come in very useful. Although most cell phones have very good standby and talk times now, you will need to make sure it and any other electronic equipment are charged up before you go on your journey.

As it is possible to carry out work while you fly, by making the best use of this time you will be able to spend some time relaxing in the evening and perhaps a little site seeing. Simply planning ahead for these eventualities mean you will be ready for your business travel journey, no matter what.

Business trips do not have to be boring and stressful if you apply the business travel tips in this article as they will allow you the opportunity to enjoy your free time even more.

Monthly Penang Events

I update this page on locals festivals, events and happening of Penang or Malaysia regularly. If you are have time to spent with your precious family, take them to some local events.

Site seeing in Georgetown: Penang High Court

Recently Chandra and I went site seeing again. The Penang Heritage Trust organizes a great site visit for the members to the Penang High Court and what a visit!  The Penang High Court was under restoration for more then 2 years. See how we enjoyed and learn more of the High Court here.

It is such a lovely colonial style building and a waste if we did not share this building with you. The hundred over year Doric columns, the Jati wood stair case that was beneath layers and 100 years dust. After sandpaper and polished, the shine of the Jati wood is amazingly beautiful. There was one particular location in the court house where the tiles were not replaced as it was in perfect condition.

Did you know a stain glass dome was hidden. Do not miss this great artifacts that was uncovered by the heritage architect.

Site seeing in Georgetown:  Logan Memorial

James Richardson Logan walked out to meet you! In the past, we locals are not bothered about Logan Memorial. But this time around, it is not possible as he stood on new ground just along Light Street.

The biggest disappointment and shameful thing we Penangite have to bear is the vandalism on the Allegorical  sculptures on the Logan Memorial. This statues can only be found in the memorials in Europe. But in Penang, our people are shameless, not bothered in history and the values of this memorial.

The beauty and charm of Penang is in this long gone heritage. Never again we may recover or recreate the part history in Penang. I hope to create more awareness. If I get to know who is responsible for this shameless misdeeds, I think their hands deserved to be cut off, that is how angry or piss off I am.

Site seeing in Georgetown: St George Church

As you are around this vicinity, another beautiful places of worship is the Anglican Church. It was built by Reverend Hutchings and RN Smith who named it after the patron of England in 1817 to 1818. Rev. Hutchings is responsible for the building of Penang Free School during the colonial days.

Site seeing in Georgetown: Goddess of Mercy

Our Goddess of Mercy Temple, popularly known as Kuan Yin Ma is situated in Pitt Street. This temple is so well known by locals and foreigners alike.

Visiting Penang without entering this place of worship, it means you haven't to seen how  pious or god fearing our locals are. Sometimes, I wonder do we ever stopping praying with the amount of temples all over Penang and Butterworth.

Multi cultural Wedding of Jivan and Uvaraani

Penang or Malaysian wedding is called Muhibbah Wedding. Why, we have come a long way and inter racial marriage is common today. One such is my own wedding to a local Indian man. It is so long ago and photos are too old to share and me also too old to show my young days. So I parade my son in law and daughter.

Watch how we were able to combine the Hindus, Buddhist and Nyonya rites into one big celebration. But it is such a huge task, one of splendor and unforgettable occasion.

First we had an Indian wedding but in a Buddhist prayer hall in Sungai Petani. As Jivan and family are practicing Buddhist, we had an Indian wedding with a few twist and turn, carefully not forgetting a few rites that is a must for Chandra and his family.

As I am a Nyonya Chinese, my daughter knows about this wonderful heritage and decided to go along with wearing our traditional gown with a heavily decorated head gear.

Generally a Chinese or Nyonya wedding is not complete without a tea ceremony. Here Jivan had quite a time as we insisted he had to call the relatives in our Hokkien dialect. He and we had so much fun. It was unforgettable for all present.

Keep coming back for more on the other events we had to make it a memorable day for Jivan and Uvaraani.

If you are keen to see what other events we had on her engagement which we followed the Hindu way, it is here.

More photos are here:

Ah, A ceremony I get lots of queries, the Puberty ceremony where young girls of Hindu faith goes through when they come of age. I received many emails telling me how fortunate my daughter to go through this rites. It was surprising because when Uvaraani really came of age, she refused to have this ceremony done!

But this is one ceremony, her grandaunt refuses to forget!

Some more photos here

Dough Figure Sculpturing

Some time back in January or February I talk about the Chinese arts and craft Master from China who had some promotions in Queensbay and Gurney Plaza. The course which was prepared then, completed at time the promotion ended. But since there are still queries coming in and Master Xu has gone back to China, Mr Phoon, his son in law has agreed to planned a guided tour to Master Xu's village in China.

If you are keen or seriously interested to learn the art, or see Master Xu museum and his masterpieces, let us know. Master Xu village is near Xi'an so a tour will include going to see the Terracotta Army, made during the Qin dynasty.

Any interest, let us know:

Teluk Bahang Tours

Yours truly packaged some food and eating Nyonya Food was a joy for some. There were request for Nyonya food cooking class. Sometimes, I do wish I had enough hands to  do all this. Watch out for the turtle releasing, sunset shots we went to Pantai Kerachut for. By the way, Pantai Kerachut is known as the Bay of Embers.

But don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I asked myself why did I not start this earlier? Let us see whether my hands can handle a cooking class or cooking tour soon.

Some nearby hotels and budget stays to make your vacation even more fun is really closed to Teluk Bahang.

And if you need to book for the trips for holidays, nature and eco photography, spiritual meditation, company team motivation trips, it is all here. Teluk Bahang in Penang is a great choice for this kind of activities as you are away from the rest of the hectic pace in Georgetown.

Car Rentals in Airport

Richard my agent recently shared with us more deals for car rental. No worries if you come back from your trips oversea at late night. Just inform Richard here and he will get his taxi team to take you home or to your business meeting. You can even rental for a day if you are between connective flights.

Segara Ninda


Talking to Tengku Yahaya of Segara Ninda, a heritage house right in the middle of town was  like going back in the Strait Settlement history. When you come for our month end event, the Upper Penang town event, this heritage homestay is just opposite it.

Diving in Pulau Payar


Langkawi Coral has the only reef platform in Malaysia and it is here in Pulau Payar.

Whether you need an extended holiday in Langkawi while in Penang or holiday in Langkawi, you pick the choices and let us know. The packages are affordable and the kids would love it very much. It is even good for honey mooners. Even if you can't dive like me, you can snorkel and look at all the under water sea life and marine parks.



Remembering your mum on her day! Mother's day is always a BIG AFFAIR for us in Malaysia. Hope it is the same for you like us too. We will take our mums out for a great time or buy flowers or chocolate like sending it to our loved ones.  Visit:

There is flowers for every occasion. Delivery can be arranged with Penang and Butterworth.



Try Renting to Explore the Island without Any Commitments

Another way to explore Penang without the commitment to buy timeshare is to rent. Timeshare rentals are the perfect way to get to know this exotic locale without having to pay for day to day accommodation in a hotel. Additionally, timeshares generally offer higher quality services and amenities than do hotels.

Penang Food : Lotus Root Soup


Fresh Lotus Root sold in Penang
Lotus Root Soup

The Lotus Root Soup is a popular dish among Cantonese who calls the dish "Li Gnao Tong". And the Nyonya calls them no different too as Leng Gnau Th'ng.

It is a clear soup so it is best to buy the meat fresh without refrigeration. In case you have refrigerated chicken or pork, you can still use. Watch out when the soup is boiling, remove the scrums. Browny scrums after soup boil denotes frozen meat used.

Lotus Root soup has been served by Chinese families for generations. Lotus root is consumed in other Asian countries as well, known asbhe in some parts of India and Pakistan, and renkon in Japanese.

The soup is traditionally cooked with red dates, peanuts as well as chicken bones or spare ribs. It has been considered as a Chinese folk remedy for dispelling internal body heat.

I remembered when I was young, if there is any kind of these complaints like: Anemia, fatigue and weakness, lack of strength accompanied by aching knees and back then my father would quickly brew Lotus Root Soup.  I love this soup till today.

The peanuts and lotus root becomes quite "lemak" if you cooked it well. It is clear cosomme but a heavy soup, I love drink these soup without eating rice. That is me but eating with rice is still fine.

Ingredients of Penang Lotus Root Soup
Fresh Ingredients for Lotus Root Soup


1 section lotus root
300g pork ribs
3 Tablespoon or desired amount of peanuts
20 red dates, remove the seed
1 litre of water


1 tsp salt
1 tsp light soya sauce


Lotus root being a root vegetable might have lots of muddy sediments. cut both ends of one section off and rinse well with water. Make sure the inner part of the lotus root is free of mud. Cut into less then 1cm slices.

Wash the pork ribs, cut off excess fats and clean the rib parts well.

In a medium pot filled with 1 to 1.5 liters of water, add lotus root, pork ribs, peanuts, and red dates

Important Note: Lotus root is a root vegetable, to cook well, it must boil same time as the water gets hot. If you add lotus root to boiling water, the lotus root do not taste so nice.

Boil on high flame for 15 minutes. Lower flame and simmer for 2 hours. Lastly to add are the seasonings.

Don't know what is Lotus Roots? One section is enough for 2 persons dish.

Penang Lotus Root Soup
Clean Scrubbed Lotus Roots

This soup scores well with my family..almost 9.5 out of 10. Happy cooking and eating or drinking ya! God bless.

Remember to spread the word to subscribe for my newsletter for secret recipes.

Cheers for now, I wish you enough!


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